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Create Upstate '15

Cruising back east on I-90, my friend Seth voiced the sentiment I was feeling after our attendance Create Upstate ‘15: “I just wanna make stuff now!” Friday’s day-long conference in Syracuse, NY was the sophomore edition of Create Upstate, and left me even more invigorated and inspired than the first.

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Designing Like a Kidd Again

Designer and author Chip Kidd spoke at Skidmore College last week, and cozily seated in the auditorium – away from the frigid November night and first snow of the season – I let myself be inspired by his brilliant work and entertained by his quick humor. The design talks I love most are the ones that reconnect me with the pure desire to create I’ve found it can be easy to lose touch with when creation is your career. Chip did that, and I left feeling ready to tackle visual problems with rejuvenated passion.

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Introducing Manifest

It's no secret that ExpressionEngine has a lot of configuration options. In most sites you can safely rely on the defaults but you still need a solution for managing the most important environment-specific details. There are several solutions for accommodating the various environments on which your site will be hosted but they each have their own issues.

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Building Faster Through Procrastination

In the web application world the push is always to ship products faster. That’s why Agile has become so popular: fix time and budget, flex scope. The name of the game is getting a product to market quickly so that you can iterate on functionality and UX as informed by demonstrated performance and customer feedback. While speed is key, I think that in pursuit of shaving off the seconds from getting from point A to point B it’s dangerously easy to discount the value of waiting on certain things – ignoring the opportunity that a chance to delay represents.

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UX Good Times With ZURB on Their #ZURBWorldTour Albany, NY Stop

A delayed start because of technical issues at last night’s Albany UX Meetup meant only that I got to focus on housing pesto wraps, so I was six-deep, happier, and more focused by the time ZURB’s Brandon Arnold took the podium.

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