We Love Rescue Projects

By Tom Jager on March 7th, 2017 in

Over the last seven years, we have jumped into a broad range of projects in various capacities. Our team has migrated, reviewed, rewritten and built applications from the ground up. We have served our clients either as a dedicated department or as an extension of their existing development team.

After many years the projects have begun to blur together and their details become hazy. As I reflect over the projects that we had the biggest impact on and that pushed us to step into our full potential, all had a single common thread. A truth that runs through the personal and professional lives of our team members. We love rescue projects.

Now let me be clear, a rescue doesn't mean that a project is failing or that a server is on fire (although it certainly can, we've been there too). Sometimes a project is so successful that the influx of users or customers overwhelms the ship and it begins to take on water. Sometimes the crew gets lured away by shiny offices, ping-pong tables, and free pizza Fridays. Yes, we think in nautical terms, but the truth remains. Not all projects are clean, with new beginnings and bright horizons, but rather a mix of cleaning up, mending the sails, and refocusing the crew. And we love that challenge.

We have decided to focus our company on seeking out rescue projects and helping right the ships that are in distress. While we are always eager to help a project start off in the right direction our passion is for helping those in trouble.

If you or someone you know is in need of a rescue, let us know! We'll hop right on Skype or a phone call and see how we can be of help. If there's PHP involved, we can help!