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By Dan Romlein on April 2nd, 2014 in MURAL

In January, Packet Tide became the proud renters of 10 Lake Ave, Suite #3 (for a while we weren’t sure if we were “3” or “C,” but at this point our mail’s been showing up alright so we’re sticking with 3…) here in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY. More space, a sink, and a room for meetings are only some of the improvements over our old space (see diagram).

Another point of superiority over our previous office that you’ll notice as soon as you walk in is the massive murals gracing three of our walls. The idea of some sort of street-art style murals in our new location had been tossed around for a while, so Mid-December – with the moving deadline rapidly approaching – we got down to the nitty gritty critical thinking about their function. I started a Google Doc brief to record our ideas and began brainstorming with the team.

We agreed that these should be about more than just aesthetically upgrading the blank white walls of our new hq. The “[insert design discipline] is just about making pretty pictures” criticism is often a valid one, and I wanted to apply the same standard of aesthetics-with-a-purpose to these murals as I do to any design project.

Planning Mural The proverbial blank canvas

Cohesiveness among the pieces was my starting quality. Being a tight-knit team is the foundation for everything we accomplish at Packet Tide, and I wanted that value to be reflected in our workspace. To that end, I chose a nautical motif – the theme of our brand – and selected colors from a limited palette.

With that decided, I started compiling a moodboard and let my creativity run wild. The work we’re doing as a company is exciting, and I wanted something that would serve as a visual reminder of the adventure that we’re on – even, and perhaps especially, for the times when we’re on a monotonous stretch of a project or are having a case of the Mondays. Sketch Sketch Some of the sketches I painted from

I see the untapped potential of the internet not unlike the the romantic unknown of the sea. Explorers set out in the 16th & 17th centuries pushing the envelope of what prevailing wisdom said was possible; we’re doing it in the 21st with applications. The juxtaposition of retro elements in a modern style mirrors the “old fashioned” values of hard-work and relationship-focused business that we bring to our craft while at the same time embracing the latest technologies and workflows.

My goal with these murals was to create something that reinforces our mission and livens-up our workspace. 24 cans of Montana Gold, more brain-cells than I’d like to think about, and 40 hours later, I think I ended up with something that does a pretty good job at that.Wave Mural Entry Mural Main Space Mural

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