We come along side companies, agencies, and non profits to build, enhance, and further develop their applications and websites.

Application Development

Application development has taken many different shapes at Packet Tide. From stepping into projects that need a new development team, building prototypes, or serving as the technical team for funded startups, to assisting with business automation, and finical insight objectives. We have experience from SaaS to Social Media and everything inbetween.

CMS Integrations and Builds

We focus primarily on ExpressionEngine and Statamic, often teaming up with agencies, designers and non-profits to create sustainable solutions for their organizations. As the leading add-on developers for ExpressionEngine, we believe in building and supporting technology to last. From third-party integrations and site builds to maintenance, we handle it all.

Consulting & Code Reviews

Sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes, someone to talk to who’s been there before, or a fresh perspective. Other times you need someone to whip your development team into shape, establishing solid processes and structures in order to be effective and positioned for success. We can help you get there, because we’ve been there ourselves.

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